Persona High Definition Lenses
Persona High Definition Lenses

High Definition Lenses for Eyeglasses

Our brains receive 9/10 of the stimuli from the world around us, through our eyes.

High Definition LensesMake sure you are not missing out on your perception of the world!

Up until very recently, conventional progressive lenses could only be molded on the front side, and only provided average vision. This front side design diminished angles and could only provide acuity while the wearer’s gaze was mainly straight ahead. This shortcoming has been forefront in the minds of the engineers at the largest optical facility in Canada. Our engineers have combined CNC-pointfile software, and state-of-the-art German optical technology with Canadian Ophthalmic experience and research, to individually craft Persona High Definition Lenses to provide ultimate clarity for any prescription.

High Definition LensesA New Breed Of Progressive High Definition Lenses

This new breed of progressive high definition lenses, unlike most lenses, is polished with computer controlled precision, on the inner surface. This new technology enlarges the effective area of optimal acuity. For example, when one looks through a keyhole, the closer the eye is to the keyhole, the wider one can see. We utilize this same principle, by putting all of the optics on the inside of the lens, closer to the eye. Persona HD Lenses will increase your field of vision by up to 30% compared to conventional progressive lenses. Our pointfile software ensures that refraction on the inside of the lens is calculated to provide a one-of-a-kind lens, to perfectly match the wearer’s prescription. Persona HD Lenses achieve never before possible clarity, even if gazing upward, downward, or side to side. Lens distortion is also reduced by up to 20% over conventional progressive lenses.

High Definition LensesMove Your Eyes Again, Not Your Neck!

Wearers of these lenses report diminished neck, shoulder and back pain, as they no longer "aim" their heads nearly as much. See the world with optimal acuity in a larger field of view, vertically and horizontally. At last, we no longer need to confine ourselves to "tunnel vision"! Broaden your horizons with Persona High Definition Lenses!

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Persona High Definition Lenses